Arab spring and peak oil

It has been said that oil prices are high due to unrest in oil producing countries.  What if the opposite is true.  What if oil producing countries are high due to unrest in the oil.  Non-democratic rulers maintain power by convincing people they control that there is a future in the way things are.  That they need to control the source of wealth in the nation and they will distribute it and things will function.  But what if you work in the oil fileds or in the oil terminals and you see that the oil is slowing down.  That there isn’t as much as there used to be.  That the source of wealth that the fearless leader is basing everything on is running out.  Then you would demand change.  You would demand more control because the control that exists is heading to an end.  Oil is very dominating.  Very few things can compete with it.  The only way for it to lessen it’s grip on people is for it to diminish.  Levels drop.  It runs down.  This gives people room to breath.  This gives room for a diversity of substitutes.  Allows for adaptable and flexible technologies to replace the single, the rigid, the narrow.  Good things are a foot.  Stay loose.


Testing our limits

Yesterday, the water around Fort Calhoun was six feet from the maximum flood the facility was designed for. This is bad news. See when engineers go about designing, they try and think of the worst possible senario, and then they go beyond that.  Beyond by more than six feet.  It looks to me like the water is higher that most people suspected would be possible and now it is a close call.  This, I think, will be a reoccurring theme in the next few years.  Things we thought were not possible, will be common.  The once in a hundred year levels will be every few years.  We are in a time of great change and the things that are going to survive thought that change are the things that are robust and flexible.  Nuclear power plants, they don’t adapt well, in fact they don’t adapt at all.  They sit there surrounded by concrete and consume massive amounts of water.  Adaptability is our most valuable ability.  Think flexible, float and move through the fog.  Not everyone is going to make it, but the ones that do will be in paradise.